It all started as just an idea when a few Barbie Collectors, out on one of our Saturday Doll Treasure Hunting Adventures found out how much one of the girls had to pay in Ebay fees for selling some of her mother's doll collection.  She was very upset after all of her hard work to find out the ridiculous fees that Ebay charged her just to sell some dolls and fashions to other collectors.

After discussing each of our different experiences and many issues about fees collected when you sell something online, we put our heads together over a long lunch and decided to create our website to list our different collectibles and call it "DOLL QUEST".


That's one thing we all have in common, we're all on a "quest" to find the best dolls, fashions and accessories for the best prices and not have to pay extra fees after you find someone interested in buying your precious collectibles.


We are currently listing our own items and those of other local collectors. We are also working with a web developer to help us make "Doll Quest" more user friendly and eventually upgrade this web page to allow anyone to list their doll items for sale. We may have to charge a small one time membership fee to cover the data storage and web server fees, but that will be the one and only time we collect any fee for anything. You list your items, you control the transaction, you collect the funds or make a trade, and you deal with the buy on payment and shipping preferences. We will provide you with a safe place online to make connect with fellow collectors and not grab your profits in crazy selling fees.

We welcome your input and any recommendations to help your online shopping experience a pleasure. It is our goal to make buying and selling doll collectibles online inexpensive and a much better experience for everyone.